DUI? Turn to the professional who has handled hundreds of cases just like yours. As a former prosecutor and seasoned Chicago criminal defense lawyer, Dan Calandriello will aggressively advocate for your rights in court.
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Criminal Defense Lawyer - DUI

Being arrested for a DUI in Illinois has serious consequences. You could pay high fines, court ordered community service, lose your driver’s license…even go to jail. Don’t try to figure out the complicated process alone. Take immediate action to protect your rights. Call an experienced Chicago DUI attorney who understands your best defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer - Revoked License

If you’re like most people, you drive everyday—to work, to activities, to the store. You may even drive your kids around. So a valid driver’s license is essential. If your license is revoked or suspended, you may need a Secretary of State driver’s license hearing. Improve your chances of a positive outcome by having a steady litigator at your side. A Chicago DUI attorney can help you obtain a BAIID device, a restricted driver’s permit or even get your license reinstated.

Criminal Defense Lawyer - Traffic Offenses

All traffic tickets can affect your driving record, no matter how petty you think one is. Never pay a fine without first considering the consequences. The ticket may be reported to your insurance company, causing your premiums to rise. You could have your license suspended for multiple violations. A knowledgeable Chicago DUI attorney can help you find the most advantageous solution for every traffic case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer - Criminal Defense

Your freedom is at stake when you’re charged with a criminal offense. No matter if it’s a misdemeanor or a serious felony, you want representation from an Illinois criminal lawyer who thoroughly understands the justice system and can make sure your rights are protected. Find competent legal services for all types of criminal cases.

Criminal Defense Lawyer - Seals & Expungement

Interviewing for a new job, working on a business deal, need security clearance? You may be subject to a background check. Don’t let your past mistakes impact your future opportunities. It may be possible to either seal your criminal records or even have them expunged. An Illinois criminal lawyer may be able to clear your name.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Daniel Calandriello


Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer with Extensive Litigation Experience

Dan Calandriello has successfully prosecuted over a thousand criminal cases including Chicago DUIs and litigated countless statutory summary suspension hearings. His time as a prosecutor involved in the criminal felony review process has given him the ability to hone his critical thinking skills regarding case weaknesses and strengths.
Now as a Chicago criminal defense lawyer, Calandriello advocates for your rights. He takes the time needed to discuss all the angles of your case and will provide options for the best outcome. He is laser focused in the courtroom and skilled at persuading the judge, jury and prosecutors.
Need legal advice? Speak with the professional who understands the criminal justice system and takes a holistic approach to your legal needs.


Need legal advice? Speak with the professional who understands the criminal justice system and takes a holistic approach to your legal needs.