The Law Office of Daniel Calandriello LLC prides itself on building long lasting relationships with our clients. We provide professional services while always making sure our clients come first. We promise to work hard for our clients, always keep them informed and treat them professionally throughout the way. We offer value based services to our clients and we are proud of our work. Call today (708) 606-3005

We provide personalized services regarding the sale or purchase of your home. For most people, their home is the most valuable possession they have and we treat all real estate transactions with personal care. There are many things that need to be done by an experienced real estate attorney including reviewing the contract, assisting in negotiations, and helping address any issues that arise during the sale process. Additionally, at the closing table, you need a real estate attorney to walk you through the process and execute the legal paperwork to ensure a smooth closing. We pledge timely communication to all our clients during the entire transaction and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. While anyone can make promises, and provide too good to be true prices, don’t be tricked. Call us, the professional choice.


We provide services for landlords regarding the eviction process. We pride ourselves as a one stop shop for our clients. We handle the entire eviction process from termination notice, court filings, summons, trial and judgements. The client usually does not have to attend multiple long court appearances because we handle the entire process. Please contact us today because evictions are a timely process and every day is costing you money.


We provide services to ensure your hard earned assets are given to your loved ones with limited government involvement, saving your estate money. Plan ahead and have our office set up a trust with the goal of avoiding probate court. We can write your will or trust ensuring that your family is protected.

We know that it is a difficult time after a loved one passes, and we can help with the execution of the will or trust. Your mind will be put at ease that our office is helping with the transition. Probate court is a very slow and confusing process, so let our office help.


Everyday people are injured by others – Theft, Breach of Contract, Nursing Home Negligence, Personal Injury  and countless other injuries. We are the Law Office of Daniel Calandriello, we provide legal solutions to ensure you receive justice. Please give us a call and use our litigation expertise to help correct your wrong.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Daniel Calandriello


Daniel Calandriello takes a holistic approach to your legal needs. A critical thinker, he believes in weighing all the options before offering counsel. He is passionate about helping you navigate the complicated legal process and will always be in your corner, fighting for a successful outcome.
Calandriello holds a law degree from John Marshall Law School and received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University, where he served as student government president. The Marist High School alum served as a staff assistant for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC after graduating college. Calandriello currently serves his community as a member of the Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees.
Need legal advice? Speak with the professional who understands the criminal justice system and takes a holistic approach to your legal needs.